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My names Madylan. I'm a college freshmen. My only concern are cats.

I had been in London innumerable times, and yet till that day I had never noticed one of the worst things about London - the fact that it costs money to even sit down. In Paris, if you had no money and could not find a public bench, you would sit on a pavement. Heaven knows what sitting on the pavement would lead to in London - prison, probably.Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell (via combbefferre)




when i die, cremate me and put my ashes into the pepper shakers at my favorite restaurant

what the fuck

(it’s red lobster)



Why say “ding dong you are wrong” when you could say “eggs and bacon you’re mistaken”




If Los Angeles doesn’t burn to a crisp today, Natasha will be overseeing (overhearing?) this afternoon the final audio mix of the premiere episode of Bee and PuppyCat. We’re looking forward to it.

The mix went off without a hitch. Now we let the cartoon simmer till November 6.